Environmental Care

As part of the SALEM philosophy we try to improve the environment and promote a sustainable way of living. Around SALEM and all over Uganda, the people are lacking wood for fuel now and rapid deforestation is taking place to serve the high demand of wood for construction, energy to cook and to burn bricks. SALEM is addressing the challenges with an intensive tree planting program which goes furry by community sensitisation. For five years SALEM is part of the 10 Million Trees Project. In our tree nursery every year around 200.000 trees are grown, spread in the communities and monitored.

Trees and shrubs improve on water efficiency to farmers and help to prevent soil erosion. Trees help to break strong winds. They also help to increase the yields of farmers and boost the welfare of the local community. Even in the bigger picture, concerning the climate change, the trees are important to us as they fix the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In the last years the effects of the climate change have become more obvious. The rainy and dry season become less predictable and more extreme regularly destroying crops.

But planting trees is only one measurement we are taking to improve our environment. Alongside the tree planting we also promote bee keeping which benefits the environment, the yields are also a source of income for the community members. Other projects we have initiated are the promotion of fuel saving stoves to prevent intensive deforestation and to secure the sustainable use of fuel wood. We have initiated the formation of environment clubs in schools and the development of environmentally friendly building techniques.

Recently we started Workshops to promote PERMACULTURE techniques to grow food in a sustainable way. Sharing this knowledge with the surrounding communities has been successful and is a testimony of Salem’s community partnership.

At the same time we also promote ANAMED growing herbs, plants and trees for medicinal use. The herbal tea and natural products are available in the craft shop.