In 2003 Nandala Asha came to SALEM to take care of the early education of all our children, who were still too young to attend Primary School. Every morning she would gather them in a very small hut to sing and dance with them; she made sure to prepare every single child for further education in an enjoyable way. The communities picked interest in what is going on in SALEM Children’s Home every morning and they started sending their own children to attend the new Playschool. Soon the hut was too small for all the children who wanted to join. SALEM met the communities’ demand by expanding the Playschool and little by little it was developed to SALEM Nursery School which was finally opened in 2009 with 54 students who attended baby, middle and top class.

Today three class teachers and one head teacher, founder Nandala Asha, are teaching around 100 children every year to write and read, to care for themselves and their environment and about everything else, young children want to learn.

But there is so much more, young children want to learn and explore which you cannot teach inside the classroom. Children want to move and run, to experience and develop their physical skills. They love playing on our lovingly playground during their break time. Furthermore our teachers organize sports days on a regular basis where the students of all three classes do physical exercises together.

To teach them also some practical skills for their future they recently opened a new vegetable garden. With the beginning of the rainy season in April 2016 teachers and students prepared seed beds together. The small plants grew very well so that they were ready to be transplanted four weeks later. Now everyone is looking forward to harvest their self grown vegetables in a few months.