Guided Tours to SALEM-Uganda

Tugende Begegnungsreisen (Germany) offers special travels to several countries including Uganda. It works in cooperation with SALEM International in Germany and therefore every tour leads the group to SALEM-Uganda where you will be able to get an insight in life in SALEM-Uganda.

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We have gathered some information for you if you would like to visit Mount Elgon.

Hiking Mount Elgon – what is important?

It is important to visit the UWA office in Mbale to book the Mount Elgon hike a few days before the hike is supposed to start. Recommended is one week before the hike starts to have some time to organize. For example which routes you prefer to get to the top and back. The UWA office can be found on the way to Mount Elgon Hotel.

More about the cost of this tour and other useful advice you will find in this download file.