About Us

SALEM Brotherhood Uganda Ltd. was established in 1981 by Gottfried Müller and friends as a non-governmental organisation (NGO). SALEM comes from the Hebrew word SHALOM which means peace. To bring the message of peace to Uganda was a heroic idea. In 1981 Uganda was just coming out of the liberation war that flushed out the dictatorship of Idi Amin's regime.

The country was also to recover from aftermath of the war and additionally the long suffered drought that exposed the entire country to heavy famine. What today is described as 'turbulent times' was a massacre in which over 400.000 people lost their lives. Uganda was a torn and shattered country where many people had lost hope and vision for their future.

SALEM Brotherhood Uganda Ltd. started with a children's home to host the many orphans who lost their parents during the war. At the same time a small health station beneath one of the few trees in the area started its work. Only the most basic needs could be served with a focus on children and women. With the commitment of its founders and the local population SALEM soon built a house to accommodate the first health unit. The health workers quickly realised, that only treating the patients would not solve the problems or support the development in the region. Most of the diseases treated were preventable as they were caused due to poor hygiene and its subsequent consequences. In Partnership with the government the first outreach programs were started.

Since this time the growth and development of SALEM- Uganda has continued. Nowadays SALEM-Uganda is participating in numerous programmes to reduce poverty and improve people’s health. This also includes a focus on restoring the environment. As the struggle to improve the lives of the local communities is continuing SALEM- Uganda introduces new programs and actions consistently to achieve this goal.

Today SALEM-Uganda has grown into a village community where many of its employees live. The former barren land has become a vivid oasis of established trees which give shade and housing to different species of birds. The partnership with SALEM International is still strong but SALEM-Uganda is in the hands of Ugandans.