Each year a budget allocation of about 150.000€ is needed to allow for both the upkeep cost of SALEM’s Hospital, children’s home, nursery school and additional community development services.

Salem endeavors each year to make a 25% annual contribution to the total costs. This money is generated through internal innovations. These are namely revenue from the guest house, and the tailoring services which are available to guests and local communities. In addition a small shop allows the sale of local crafts and groceries.

For any donation please go through SALEM International:

Bank Transfer:

  • SALEM International
    VR Bank Oberfranken Mitte eG
    IBAN: DE55771900000000255777

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You want to experience Uganda and see our work? If you come from Germany or adjoining countries you are welcome to join the trips organized by Tugende ( All incomes are used for project supports.